Custom Stamp Information

• Maximum height allowed for stamp is 3.5 inches to ensure best quality and ease of use.

• Maximum width for all stamps must not be larger than 6 inches.

• The Image/Logo that is submitted must be a clear file. All files submitted that are not a quality image will be charged a design fee.

• To ensure the best stamp quality I reserve the right to alter images slightly.

• To request a quote before submission please email me at

Stamp Prices

Stamp prices are primarily based on the longest side of the stamp. All prices below are the base prices for that size stamp. The price of the stamp can increase with necessary designing and depending on which option you choose for your block. Any further questions don't be afraid to email and ask! Larger sizes up to 6" are available, please contact me for pricing.  The pricing below does not include the pricing of an additional handle, just the engraved block. Thank you for your interest.

1" - $24

1.5" - $28

2" - $32

2.5" - $36

3" - $42

3.5" - $50

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