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Good Family Farms

Project type

Signage, Trailer Wrap, Photography, Custom Projects


Since 2020


Meaford, ON

I've had the pleasure of working with Good Family Farms for many years now. Over the course of our time working together I have had the opportunity to do many custom projects and regular projects. I wrapped their freezer trailer using photos that I was able to take for them in their pasture of their cows. I have done multiple types of signage from parking signs, directional signage for their farm tours, different signage for their farm store also. I was able to make a custom wooden sign for their workshop where instead of using paint or stain, I burnt the letters to char them and then covered the whole sign in linseed oil to preserve it.

In the farm store I have put headings on the tops of all the fridges and freezers. Wrapped an old ice cream freezer with their branding. Made many little tags for each of the cuts of meat so that everything in the freezers are clearly labeled. I even had the opportunity to create this one of a kind tablecloth for when they go to the Collingwood Farmers Market. I photographed every cut of meat that they take to the market, edited all the photos and created a design so that you could see every cut of meat on the table cloth - to size, on a butcher block. It was epic!

Other projects include banners, business cards, rack cards and many more items for the Good's to help them. I truly appreciate the business and thank you for your support over the years.

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